Predictability. Efficiency. Accessibility.

Surrogen’s Patient Models® help improve, enhance and extend human life by providing large animal disease models that faithfully reproduce the disease indications seen in human patients. Leveraging the critical assumption that the best substitutes are those closest to the original; Surrogen’s Patient Models bridge the gap between traditional animal models and clinical studies and serve as a platform to prove or disprove new ideas, exponentially speed up discovery and significantly lower the total cost of getting new medical devices and drugs tested, approved and into use.

Surrogen utilizes game changing genetic technologies to develop large animal models with specific maladies and genetic conditions that provide a groundbreaking, preclinical opportunity for the world’s leading researchers, medical device and pharmaceutical innovators to diminish lead times, lower research costs and reduce failure rates.

Led by a team of experienced geneticists, genome engineers, and reproductive physiologists, the company is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota and has offices in Austin, Texas; Campo Grande, Brazil; and Hong Kong.